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Hey guys, sorry I've been inactive recently. I'm working currently on two songs. So hopefully expect some submissions soon! Also, the best way to contact me is at my email: marshall.rocky@gmail .com If you PM me here, I may not read it for a while!

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MusicalRocky's News

Posted by MusicalRocky - March 25th, 2011

I know, I rarely come here anymore. I rarely write music anymore even. Hopefully I'll start again soon. :/

A few updates on my life:
-I'm living at my mom's again.
-I have a job.
-I have a Tumblr.

K that's it.

Posted by MusicalRocky - November 27th, 2009

I made a blog a few days ago called Musings Via Megaphone. Subscribe if you want, I don't know.

Also, I have some musical ideas tumbling around my head. Be prepared to (hopefully) hear new stuff soon!


P.S. I also have Twitter! Follow me!

Posted by MusicalRocky - October 3rd, 2009

I haven't quit making music! I just don't have a computer :[
But whenever I get one, I will compose more :]

I have a feeling no one even comes to my page anymore...


Posted by MusicalRocky - May 23rd, 2009

I'm going to try to write more music soon, I swear. I SWEAR!

Posted by MusicalRocky - March 10th, 2009

I'm 18 now!

Posted by MusicalRocky - March 5th, 2009

I don't really have any fans anymore. I barely get any reviews. There are still songs that have zero reviews. I mean really. I felt at least kind of popular a year ago :[

Posted by MusicalRocky - June 8th, 2008

The scores to my music are now available expressly through purchase. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I've changed this for a couple reasons.

1) To help bring in some money to me (obviously). Sue me if that's wrong to want money for my music.
2) To prevent people who want to use my music for fraudulent reasons from getting it.
3) To be more organized about where my music goes.
4) To help me not to forget to give people scores. Chances are, if you're paying for it, you'll get it very soon, rather than it being free and me forgetting to even give it to you. :[

For a regular pdf score of a piano piece (or other solo instrument), the price will be $2.00. For a pdf of an orchestral score, the price is $3.00. Note that for a piece with multiple movements, each movement will count as one piece; thus each movement will be $3.00. For instrumentations above solo, but less than full orchestra, the price is $2.50.

So, if you wanted to buy a pdf of "Fleeing from My Shadow," you would need to pay $2.00, but if you wanted to buy all nwc's of my entire symphony, you'd think it would be $14.00 ($3.50 x 4), but on symphonies, orchestral suites, and concertos, the price is just $10.00! That's a savings of $4.00 for symphonies and $0.50 for concertos. :)

Of course, with money now involved, I would try to make the scores look as nice as possible--professional--for use.

I'll take a moment to remind everyone that my music IS copyrighted, so no attempts to take it and call it your own property please.

On that note, performances of my pieces are certainly allowed, though I would like to know about it. :]
However, performances of my music at concerts where PROFIT IS GAINED is only allowed through my permission, so ASK ME FIRST.

Now, I'll figure out soon exactly how to let you know how to pay me through PayPal lol. My email address associated with the account is still the same as before: rockyreader@hotmail.com. The process is still the same. Email me if you want to buy a score. DO NOT PM ME ABOUT IT. I never check my pms lol.

I know a lot of people are going to think I'm really cruel, doing this. There are several artists on NG who freely give out scores. However, I have written hundreds of classical compositions, and I have hundreds of scores. A lot of work went into not only writing the music, but putting it into visible form. It doesn't seem too much to ask for a little reward for this work.

That's all I needed to say, I think. Hopefully this doesn't make anyone too sad. Questions?

- Rocky


Email me for scores. What will happen is I'll link you to a way to pay. Once I see the payment in my paypal account then I can email the score :]
Scores available right now:

A Familiar Blanket of Snow (9 pages, $2.50)
Baile Enérgico (17 pages, $3.00)
Creepingly (6 pages, $2.50)
The Dance of Shadows (14 pages, $2.50)
Duet for Violin and Cello in Bm (13 pages, $7.00 or $2.50 per movement)
- I. Allegro
- II. Andante
- III. Presto
Empty Darkness (4 pages, $2.00)
Etude no. 1 in Dm (3 pages, $2.00)
Fields for Daydreaming (10 pages, $3.00)
Fleeing from My Shadow (5 pages, $2.00) [rewritten quite a bit]
Introduction, Rondo, et Scherzo (4 pages, $2.00)
L'Amore Perso (5 pages, $2.50)
Moonlit Dreams ("The Moon's Lullaby" and More, 7 pages, $2.50)
***Night Falling (2 pages, $2.50)
Prelude no. 1 in Fm (4 pages, $2.00) (Modulations and ending rewritten, nothing drastic)
Prelude no. 2 in Gm (2 pages, $2.00)
Prelude no. 3 in Dm "Broken Lament" (3 pages, $2.00)
Rex Tremendae (5 pages, $2.50)
Symphony no. 1 in Dm (102 pages, $10.00 or $3.00 per movement)
- I. Allegro con moto
- II. Adagio cantabile
- III. Allegro con brio
- IV. Allegro con fuoco
String Trio no. 1 (4 pages, $2.50)
The Castle Suite (38 pages, $10.00 or $3.00 per movement)
- I. La Batalla Afuera del Castillo
- II. The Castle Is Breached! (ending rewritten)
- III. La Batalla Adentro del Castillo
- IV. The Castle Tumbles (ending rewritten)
The Moon's Lullaby (4 pages, $2.00) [rewritten somewhat]
Travelers' Theme (6 pages, $3.00)
Waltz no. 1 "Shadow" in Dm (4 pages, $2.00)
Waltz no. 3 "Depression" in Cm (2 pages, $2.00)
Waltz no. 4 "Sorrow" in Em (3 pages, $2.00)

***Newly made

Note: All scores, except Rex Tremendae, contain a title page.

Of course I'm making more :]

Nwcs not for sale yet :[

Thanks for your support

Posted by MusicalRocky - April 5th, 2008

Well here's a video of me playing my Romance for Violin and Harp. I didn't do the best job, but...yeah enjoy anyway.

Posted by MusicalRocky - December 28th, 2007

I have edited A Storm at Sea for awesomeness.

Go check it out!

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /97563 (for lazy people lol)

Posted by MusicalRocky - December 16th, 2007

I have Winter holidays : D

Anything you guys wanna say?