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Frost'D Frost'D

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow that was hilarious.
The animation was nicely done in a style that suited the tone.
I love how abrupt the ending is haha.
Just a job well done, made me laugh.
Thanks for using my music! It did fit pretty well.


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MindChamber responds:

haha thanks, your music really pulled it together for me

A Lonely Christmas Tale A Lonely Christmas Tale

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice, man

I feel obligated to review this now lol. First off, thank you for using the piece (I wouldn't necessarily call it mine; the themes are mine. Simon-F arranged it).

Anywayz, it was a funny story. The beginning could've went anywhere. It started with a typical Christmas-y scene. The opening of the gift was predicted, but it was funny how he got a Sega (w/e it was). And it was even funnier when it got stolen.

I think if the thief and the other guy had some kind of dialogue, it would add to the humor.

It was a good job thugh. Thanks for using the piece.

(Lol I'm not a flash artist so I can't help you much. Sorry)


Blunt responds:

Heh, thanks for the review mate, nice music u make - Im not really into classical although i thought this music would have went well with the christmas-y theme. thanks

Animator vs. Animation Animator vs. Animation

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was very good! I was pleasantly surprised! This was a very good idea. Creator vs. the created. Hehe.

Let's see. Graphics were nice. Then again, I don't animate, so I can't be much of a judge.

The style was very good. I liked the fact that it was all one shot; however, come to think of it, could it have been multiple shots? It's on a computer screen, for goodness' sake haha.

Sound was good. Sounded like real computer sounds (or something) lol.

Violence was okay. It had a lot of "soft violence" like fighting and such, but nothing that people would go like, "Omg, gorey, blood, lacerations!" Haha, but violence is not necessary for a good Flash.

Interactivity was medium, only due to the fact that the audience didn't control anything directly. Flash artists, however, may feel involved, seeing that they're familiar with Flash.

The "toon" was kind of funny, but not really lol. Not necessarily a bad thing.

The creativity made up for everything else lacking. Great job. Keep it up.

Oh, wait, the critique...Let's see....Hm...I definitely don't think you need a voice for "victim." Lol it leaves more of his personality up to the viewer. Also haha the creator is kind of viewed as the arrow since we never see his/her face. I like that. I would only like to see more development. It's great how it is, but it has so much potential. All great ideas do.

Again, great job.

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Diurnal Lackluster Diurnal Lackluster

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very cool dude

Don't take my 9 srsly. Nowadays I just give 10's to those which blow my socks off.

Anyways. You know I'm not that good at electronica. But I know you well enough to tell when you've put a lot of effort into a track. And in this one, it shows. Also, I definitely see tons of imagery. It's very kaleidoscopic, as I've said, yet in a more mundane way. Which is where the title came from lol.

I don't know what the guy below me was talking about. Imagery is not all blatantly. In fact, often imagery in literature and music is abstract, obscure, and ambiguous, and often defined more by emotions than visions. There is tons of imagery in here. Trust me.

Good jarb dude.


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Percestra! Percestra!

Rated 3 / 5 stars


When I saw the title, I expected to hear something as complex and intricately composed as an orchestra, using only percussion. In fact, I was excited at the prospect.

However, this sounds like nothing more than someone hilariously messing around on a keyboard drumset. There's no rhyme or reason or emotion concerned. (It reminds me of the first time I attempted to utilize percussion in a composition, which was about 7 staves or percussion and one violin lol).

Hmm... Rimsky-Korsakov himself once said that strings are the most expressive of the instruments, followed by winds, then brass, and lastly percussion, which should be used rarely and provide only color. Percussion like this especially (untuned percussion) is not going to get a very good response from the listener, apart from a rhythmic appreciation, which, as I said, this song lacks because of its randomness.

If you want to try to use only percussion (from your comments I assume this is a work in progress), try using tuned percussion (marimbas, xylophones, mallets, glockenspiels, tubular bells) as the main melody carriers. That will give the piece some emotional weight.

Best regards,


(I hope you don't take my score too harshly)

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GoldbloodedDragon responds:

Ok, I'll try to incorperate some mallets, xylophones, tc into the next song of this esque.
And, don't worry if the score its too harsh. I get low scores all the time. :C

Violin solo - Lonely Poem Violin solo - Lonely Poem

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome job

I always love the idea of a musical voice being akin to a voice in conversation, expressing what is on the performer's (or composer's) mind. You did a very good job in portraying the emotion that you were attempting to through the tone of the composition, rather than a mood (as most music does).

I have to say, when I saw this title (not knowing who you were, of course), I was didn't have very high expectations of the piee. Nor did I know it was a human performance, of which I was surprised. Anyway, as a fellow violinist, I can tell that your tone is very well-developed and mature to suit the composition. Very emotional in your performance, which, again, aided in bringing out the effect you were intending to portray.

As a violinist, I always love to utilize the effectiveness of violins, sometimes in solo form, but I don't know if I've achieved this sheer power of a single violin's voice. I applaud you for that.

Keep making great music.


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